Hey! My name is Kat.

I'm a designer, illustrator & writer from Melbourne, Australia. I'm non-binary. (Please use they/them pronouns.)

I believe in using my skills, experiences and privilege as tools for social change.

I'm currently available for full time, perm and contract roles.


- Design Consultant (under Mentorship) - Cogent
- Co-founder - TGDinTech
- Writer - Rarlo Magazine
- Taking comissions, projects

I'm not one for bullshit or buzzwords. I'm not a rockstar, ninja, or a unicorn.

My work is informed by human centred design and based in empathy. I'm an advocate for diversity and inclusion, particularly in tech and design. Having said this, addressing the homogeneity of the industry is only one aspect of unravelling inequalities intenionally inbuilt into our societies.

Take a peek at Highlights if you'd like to see some of the things I've worked on and been involved in.

Email me (hello@katjabak.com) if you'd like to chat or see some more in-depth case studies.