What is TGD in tech 
A Slack group bringing together the transgender and gender diverse community working in technology globally. A place to share ideas, talk about our experiences, champion and learn from one another. 

Who is it for
Including but not limited to:
UX and UX researchers, QA, content and copywriting, developers and engineers, design and creative diciplines in the digital space, technologists, entrepreneurs. 

That identify as transgender, genderqueer, genderfluid, gender non-conforming, agender, intersex, non-binary, and other gender diverse people.

Emms & Kat

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Let’s reclaim design as a force for good.

"We’re a collective of (mainly) designers, researchers, and other tech workers. We want to do good, ethical, and meaningful work for all people and the planet. But, there are barriers to doing this. Some of those barriers are obvious, others are abstract.

We get together to talk about the concrete problems and articulate the abstract ones. This can include low level, ‘pragmatic’, and industry-specific discussions about ‘design ethics’ like accessibility, unintended consequences, inclusivity, and the like. We also get into broader, sometimes idealistic, more radical discussions about feminism, racism, capitalism, colonialism, and other (often difficult) topics.

We’re crafting ways to overcome these problems and striving for change without knowing all the answers in advance. We’re also just about making a community - regardless of whether or not we always have concrete outcomes." - Mike.


To enable the Australian design/creative industry to reflect and be inclusive of the diversity of our society. By highlighting, amplifying and empowering diverse talent.

The current design/creative landscape is mainly white. Senior positions are often male. This does not produce the best outcomes. The best solutions come from diverse teams. We need the best solutions. Not the best solutions straight white men can think of. This is a change that requires awareness and effort and time.

Currently a small Slack group. Please contact Kat, Nick Hallam, Noor Sleiman or Rachel Worcou for more information.